By Lick10Hype

After ten long years of slumber, you can find the Dark Horse BDMF crew making beats, rapping, or otherwise generating cool stuff.  You can download this all below:

New Stuff:
Super XJoe Beat Nominee 2
Super XJoe Beat Nominee 2 (no vocals)
Super XJoe Beat Nominee 1

Although we have not named the song yet, we have provided the first cuts at a beat. The second nominee even has a rough cut of MC Saran vocals and chorus. Comments welcome, but post them on the blog, not here. Apologies for lesser quality recordings of the second beat nominee.

My Crew Beat Nominee 1

The time was a spring evening in 2001. The place was a corporate apartment in Chicago.
The task: Study for the GREs or make another beat. What would you have done?
We never made the song for this beat, but we could not let Thundercats outtakes go unsampled.
Thanks to the original poster, Cassio2x, and the new poster, Cheezey. You can find these outtakes and much more Thundercats lunacy at Cheezey’s site. She has all sorts of Thundercats and Voltron information, images, and sound clips.

Rollout Beat Nominee 1

This was the first cut at a Transformers themed beat that we did in 2001. This would later go on to become the song Rollout, which was recorded in 2002.