To be a true I.S. 70 All-Star you need to know that not every battle can be won.  Victory isn’t a destination but a journey, and it’s not about winning but how you win (or how well you lose).  So, every I.S. 70 All-Star has had their shares of losses but these losses built character.

I’m talking, of course, about video games.

XChan has sacrificed many a quarter to watch his bases get destroyed in Missile Command or to have my ship get destroyed in Defender.  It broke XChan’s heart to see him and his girlfriend get thrown from their speeding car in Outrun and it was equally as painful to watch me get hit by a car while trying to deliver news in Paperboy.  However, every I.S. 70 All-Star can agree that death is the road to awe.

  1. Lick10Hype says:

    Yo! I think they even had a clip from the Atari ST. Barbarian! It was one of the first 1 on 1 combat games I ever played. Imagine our surprise when we found out you could chop off heads!