There are many laws and edicts that X-Chan has followed throughout the years.  The one that leads the life of X-Chan the most is the Federation Prime Directive.  Secondly are the three directives of Robocop:

  1. Serve the Public Trust
  2. Protect the Innocent
  3. Uphold the Law

Thirdly is the 11th Amendment stated in Remo Williams:The Adventure Begins, which is namely “Thou Shalt Not Get Away With It.”  Lastly are the commands of Hulk Hogan.  He told you to eat your vitamins and say your prayers.  X-Chan is spiritual but he’s not religious, so X-Chan kind of glazed over the last one, but there are all of the daily required amounts of Vitamin A,C,D,F, Q, and pi vitamins in X-Chan’s internal infrastructure thanks to H squared’s instructions to eat vitamins.  Although Nice Peter pokes fun at the man, Epic Rap Battles of History: Kim Jong-Il Vs. Hulk Hogan evokes the very best and the very worst of the Ultimate Hulkamaniac.