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House of Pain

Posted: 17th April 2011 by Lick10Hype in Origin Story

Damn…. The number of times I have sung Jump Around is phenomenal… Karaoke or my high school cafeteria… So many times. But I moved the crowd each time.

XChan vs DKoosh

Posted: 11th April 2011 by xchan in Origin Story

Every super-hero has an arch-enemy.  Every rapper has someone that they have a rivalry with.  So if you’re like XChan and you’re a rapping super-hero, it’s an understatement to say that XChan has a super-duper arch-rivalry.  Just ask the Flash, who has a reverse version of himself that has dedicated his life to stopping him.  Currently […]

To be a true I.S. 70 All-Star you need to know that not every battle can be won.  Victory isn’t a destination but a journey, and it’s not about winning but how you win (or how well you lose).  So, every I.S. 70 All-Star has had their shares of losses but these losses built character. […]

Where is I.S. 70?

Posted: 19th March 2011 by Lick10Hype in Origin Story

Right here: IS 70 I.S. 70 on Facebook Or I.S. 70 on Facebook #2… That is Intermediate School 70, a.k.a. the O’Henry School of Writing. They even broke it into mini-schools for a while: Renaissance Academy, Enrich, and the Childrens’ Corporation.