Doom gets the Biz

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House of Pain

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Damn…. The number of times I have sung Jump Around is phenomenal… Karaoke or my high school cafeteria… So many times.

But I moved the crowd each time.

XChan vs DKoosh

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Every super-hero has an arch-enemy.  Every rapper has someone that they have a rivalry with.  So if you’re like XChan and you’re a rapping super-hero, it’s an understatement to say that XChan has a super-duper arch-rivalry.  Just ask the Flash, who has a reverse version of himself that has dedicated his life to stopping him.  Currently XChan’s reverse counterpart is laying low, and some D-list villains have taken it upon themselves to give me some grief.  That D-lister is DKoosh.  Some of you may recognize him for some of his exploits outside of the rap world.  I’ll quote you some lyrics from DKoosh’s last single “Congress in my Bed“:


My style is bizarre but I’m far from Bizarro/

I deflect hails of bullets cuz I hail from Ohio/

Fear my super ability/

I have sight beyond sight with my Oversight Committee/

I deflect your massive attack/

Your verbal skills are whack/

I’m the only Democrat to vote against invading Iraq/

I’ve Got a Gandhi Peace Award/

Even though I mule kick bitches/

my backwards kick is what made XChan/

go through so many name switches/


Very clever, DKoosh.  Expect me to retaliate in the near future.  Oh, and while you’re trying to catch a ride, tell your wife XChan will be seeing her soon.

Super XJoes Beat Nominee 2 is posted

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And this time we give you two versions! One with some MC Saran vocals and one without. Download them here or on the Music page.
Super XJoes Beat Nominee 2 (no vocals)
Super XJoes Beat Nominee 2

To be a true I.S. 70 All-Star you need to know that not every battle can be won.  Victory isn’t a destination but a journey, and it’s not about winning but how you win (or how well you lose).  So, every I.S. 70 All-Star has had their shares of losses but these losses built character.

I’m talking, of course, about video games.

XChan has sacrificed many a quarter to watch his bases get destroyed in Missile Command or to have my ship get destroyed in Defender.  It broke XChan’s heart to see him and his girlfriend get thrown from their speeding car in Outrun and it was equally as painful to watch me get hit by a car while trying to deliver news in Paperboy.  However, every I.S. 70 All-Star can agree that death is the road to awe.

There are many laws and edicts that X-Chan has followed throughout the years.  The one that leads the life of X-Chan the most is the Federation Prime Directive.  Secondly are the three directives of Robocop:

  1. Serve the Public Trust
  2. Protect the Innocent
  3. Uphold the Law

Thirdly is the 11th Amendment stated in Remo Williams:The Adventure Begins, which is namely “Thou Shalt Not Get Away With It.”  Lastly are the commands of Hulk Hogan.  He told you to eat your vitamins and say your prayers.  X-Chan is spiritual but he’s not religious, so X-Chan kind of glazed over the last one, but there are all of the daily required amounts of Vitamin A,C,D,F, Q, and pi vitamins in X-Chan’s internal infrastructure thanks to H squared’s instructions to eat vitamins.  Although Nice Peter pokes fun at the man, Epic Rap Battles of History: Kim Jong-Il Vs. Hulk Hogan evokes the very best and the very worst of the Ultimate Hulkamaniac.

Rollout Beat Nominee 1 Posted

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Before the magic of Purplesteel, Pimpin’-est Autobot in the field, we had to construct a beat.

Download the first cut of Rollout in the Music section or right here:
Rollout Beat Nominee 1